Data science center of excellence

We unlock the power of AI for commercial, governmental, and research organizations. Our services include consulting, research, development, and implementation

Our qualifications

  • Data engineers

    To make the process of data transformation work, data engineers build and operate the data environment keeping infrastructure running properly.
  • Data analysts

    After ensuring that accurate data has been evaluated and interpreted correctly, data analysts synthesize all the insights to create a visual data report.
  • Data science researchers

    Focusing on data and statistics, data science researchers gather, analyze and evaluate a vast amount of data from various sources. They use a diverse range of tools and algorithms to derive insights for businesses.
  • DevOps/MLOps

    The main principles of DevOps are – process automation, continuous delivery, and the feedback loop. But when the project involves building and training the ML model, we use a synergy of DevOps and MLOps.

Delivery management

An agile, repeatable process to design, build, and manage delivery

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University support

We cooperate with technical universities in the field of:

University curriculum revision


Courses materials


Research lab building


Student hackathons sponsorship


Student internships


Industrial PhDs


Deep neural Networks

RetinaNetMask R-CNN BERTEfficient Net


IBM WatsonGoogle ML Amazon MLAmazon AWS

Computer vision frameworks


Computer vision libraries


R&D Projects

How to build question answering system using LLM
August 9, 2023

Utilizing Large Language Models for question-answering and other applications.

Field boundaries change detection
January 26, 2023

Investigating field boundaries change to enhance agricultural management.

Intent classification and slot filling: managing web pages with natural language
December 4, 2022

Building solutions for determining user intents, searching for named entities, and extracting answers to user questions