Data science center of excellence

We unlock the power of AI for commercial, governmental, and research organizations. Our services include consulting, research, development, and implementation

Our qualifications

  • Data engineers

    To make the process of data transformation work, data engineers build and operate the data environment keeping infrastructure running properly.

  • Data analysts

    After ensuring that accurate data has been evaluated and interpreted correctly, data analysts synthesize all the insights to create a visual data report.

  • Data science researchers

    Focusing on data and statistics, data science researchers gather, analyze and evaluate a vast amount of data from various sources. They use a diverse range of tools and algorithms to derive insights for businesses.

  • DevOps/MLOps

    The main principles of DevOps are – process automation, continuous delivery, and the feedback loop. But when the project involves building and training the ML model, we use a synergy of DevOps and MLOps.

Delivery management

An agile, repeatable process to design, build, and manage delivery

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University support

We cooperate with technical universities in the field of:

University curriculum revision


Courses materials


Research lab building


Student hackathons sponsorship


Student internships


Industrial PhDs


Deep neural Networks

RetinaNetMask R-CNN BERTEfficient Net


IBM WatsonGoogle ML Amazon MLAmazon AWS

Computer vision frameworks


Computer vision libraries


R&D Projects

How to build question answering system using LLM
August 9, 2023

Utilizing Large Language Models for question answering and other applications.

Field boundaries change detection
January 26, 2023

Investigating field boundaries change to enhance agricultural management.

Intent classification and slot filling: managing web pages with natural language
December 4, 2022

Building solutions for determining user intents, searching for named entities, and extracting answers to user questions

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