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Our expertise

  • Cloud Migration

    Even for well-structured business architecture, transitioning to the cloud is a challenge, so we’re here to deliver hassle-free migration for you and your users.

  • ETL & Data Integration

    Let us help you move your data from multiple sources to a single data warehouse and convert the format based on the specific needs of your business.

  • Cloud Consulting

    Boost your business by leaving infrastructure challenges to professionals while focusing on business values.

  • Cloud Management & Security

    Regardless of your cloud service provider, the ecosystem is rife with security threats that can be exploited if the system is not correctly configured. Our experts defend you against all threats.

  • Private cloud building

    Set up your own toolbox with a private cloud solution that delivers benefits of both cloud and on-premises infrastructure for the best security and unlimited flexibility.

  • Hybrid cloud bursting

    Keep everything you need accessible while moving operations to the cloud, where you’ll have secure and highly scalable systems with a hybrid architecture.

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Plan and optimize IT costs

We deliver infrastructure solutions with best-in-class services from leading vendors like AWS, Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Cloud solutions are at the core of our expertise, allowing us to plan and minimize your business costs.

Manage your virtual data center

Our DevOps engineers provide you with exceptional remote IT infrastructure management that enhances your business’s productivity.

Strategically build your cloud migration processes

We combine automated cloud management and migration tools with a transformation management plan to ensure a smooth transition and keep you on track.

Lower use stress while migrating to cloud

Our teams build cloud infrastructure for audio and video and big data processing pipelines for AI.

Success stories

Automated Quality Control for Manufacturing Using Computer Vision
#Audio/video analytics
#Computer vision
#Machine learning

Improving the manufacturing process using computer vision

Cloud Gaming and Video Streaming Solution
#Computer vision

A cloud solution for more efficient video streaming that uses less capacity

Datacenter Cooling System
#Machine learning

The smart way to control your data center Cooling System


We apply the latest for cloud service tools and technologies.

Public/private clouds

  • AWS (including Linux clusters on bare-metal instances)
  • Google Cloud Platform (including Linux clusters on bare-metal instances)
  • Azure (including Linux clusters on bare-metal instances)
  • Private cloud on KVM
  • Private cloud on VMWARE ESXI

AI and ML

  • SageMaker (AWS) machine learning (Azure)
  • Rekognition (AWS)
  • Exposing GPU via PCI passthrough on private clouds for KVM and ESXI
  • Kubeflow (AWS, Azure, GCP, private clouds)


  • RDS (AWS) Database for PostgreSQL (Azure)
  • DynamoDB (AWS), DocumentDB (AWS), CosmosDB (Azure)
  • Elastic Stack


  • Apache Kafka (on Confluent)
  • Kinesis, Kinesis Firehose (AWS)
  • Active MQ (AMQP, STOMP, MQTT)


  • EMR (AWS) Databricks (Azure)
  • Glue (AWS) Data Lake (Azure)
  • Elastic Stack

streaming & conferencing

  • MediaLive (AWS)
  • MediaStore (AWS)
  • Janus (AWS, on-premises)

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