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    Enhance your development team with the best specialists to meet the exact needs.

  • Dedicated team

    / delivery center

    Hire self-sufficient business entity with experts in multiple areas to drive your long-term project autonomously.

  • Hybrid team

    / delivery center

    Upgrade your team on-site with our professionals and benefit from this powerful synergy.

What we offer

The dedicated team model has a lot of pros that will give you a bunch of business values:

The deadlines aren’t just a date in the calendar since we set them by using optimal time estimations based on years of experience working in heavy time frames.


Pay for what you need as we focus on the business values requested by your end-users.


We keep the code clean by complying with modern code quality rules while addressing tech debt quickly.

Unique expertise

By having high-skilled engineers working with different technologies and industries, we create an unlimited potential of combining their ideas into a solution.

Clear and smooth processes

No matter what your business is, you will get a clear definition of how we deliver things to you and your customers.


Manage the project scope when needed, scale the team if needed – you have no limits to reach your goals.

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Evgeny Finkel, VP R&D FSIGHT

Quantum personnel includes good experts, knowledgeable about state-of-the-art solutions in data science field. Sincerely recommending if you need to boost your algo team.

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    Top Machine Learning Companies 2021

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    Top IT & Business Service 2019

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    Top Big Data Analytics Companies in Amsterdam

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    Top Developers Ukraine 2020

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Python Java



Databases & Tools


Libraries for ML


Computer Vision

ImageIOGeopandasNvidia-DockerGdalScikit-Image-LearnDarkflow Yolo

Case studies

LLM-based financial investment advisory chatbot
#Large Language Model
#Text analysis

LLM-powered investment advisory chatbot for efficient investment decision making

Digital financial market infrastructure platform
#Distributed ledger technology
#Transaction monitoring

Building a scalable, secured system allows users to instantly create transactions in any asset, from anywhere on Earth, at any time.

Transaction monitoring and suspicious data detection solution
#Data analytics
#Sensitive data
#Transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring system development with complying data security standards

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