Derive insights from text-based data in a scalable, consistent, and unbiased manner

Your Business Process Excellence

We aim to help you adopt the next-gen LLM models and technologies to elevate your business processes to an art of precision at a lower cost.

Personalized Customer Support

LLM-based chatbots provide accurate, personalized, and human-like interactions for natural, contextually rich conversations.


Automated Document Processing

Reduce back office expenses by automating semi-structured and unstructured document processing.

Common Use Cases

We are happy to help you integrate the latest text analysis techniques to achieve your goals in the most efficient way.
  • Large Text Papers

    Auto-recognition of named entities in unstructured reports, research papers, and other documents significantly reduces processing costs.

  • Sentiments & Intents

    Identifying the tone of voice, intent, and sentiments lets businesses stay on top of brand loyalty and make timely decisions.

  • Advanced Fraud Detection

    Real-time analysis of multitype data reveals subtle hints and hidden relations, uncovering emerging intricate fraud patterns.

  • Next-Gen Chatbots

    LLM-based chatbots understand the linguistic use and domain context, tailored to specific business requirements.

  • Market Intelligence

    Exceptional competitor analysis by extracting insights from diverse customer feedback, reviews, surveys, and social media posts.

  • Trendspotting

    Early spotting of emerging trends with in-depth semantic analysis aligns content & SEO strategy with audience expectations.

turn your data intoyour valuable asset

The Art of Technology Excellence

Tailored Architecture

We engineer a scalable, responsive, and secure architecture. Whether on-premises or cloud-based, it forms the bedrock for your excellence.

Fine-Tuned Components

We evaluate available LLMs for language support, context understanding, and accuracy to ensure the chosen approach best fits your budget and objectives.

Seamless Deployment

Our experts seamlessly deploy the meticulously developed solution, optimizing the ecosystem for the fastest response time and best compatibility.

why quantum


Data Privacy and Security

We ensure you’ll keep your proprietary data within your business infrastructure, enhancing accuracy and reducing the risk of sensitive information exposure.


Narrow Specialization

We have rich experience training LLMs with domain-specific data to master massive specialized terminology for handling complex, low-frequency requests.


Win-Win Partnerships 

We are dedicated to expanding our partner network by establishing long-term relationships based on a win-win strategy, where you get the highest quality services.


Technological Edge

We guarantee that you gain a valuable solution to stay ahead of the curve with minimum effort, leading to a stronger market position among the competitors.

LLM-based financial investment advisory chatbot
#Large Language Model
#Text analysis

LLM-powered investment advisory chatbot for efficient investment decision making

Sensitive Data Detection solution
#Data analytics
#Sensitive data
#Text analysis

The solution that analyzes data storage to determine if it contains any personal information.

NLP System for Determining How Gene Mutations Affect Diseases
#Deep learning
#Machine learning
#Text analysis

A web service for the healthcare industry that uses NLP to analyze scientific abstracts from the PubMed library and determine the effect of genetic mutations on the disease.


We apply the latest tools and techniques for text analytics and natural language processing.

AI frameworks and libraries

  • NLTK
  • spacy
  • scikit-learn
  • PyTorch


  • Clustering Algorithms
  • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
  • Few-shot Learning
  • Ensemble Learning

Neural networks

  • RNNs
  • CNNs
  • Transformers

Language models

  • GPT-based language models
  • Open-source models (Falcon, llama, lambda, StableLM, MPT)


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Microsoft Azure

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