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Autonomous Greenhouse Monitoring


To enhance greenhouse

Productivity and product quality by analyzing data for smarter, data-driven decisions.

Smart Greenhouse Software

We’re experts in plant phenotype analysis (extracting phenotype features) and logistic chain optimization.
Visual data analysis

Collecting and analyzing visual data to closely monitor and cater to each plant’s unique needs.

Greenhouse Mapping

Creating detailed, high-resolution maps of your greenhouse to quickly access areas that require special attention.

Detailed Crop Study

Diving deep into crop details, from growth patterns to environmental variables, to optimize cultivation with data-driven insights.

Early Disease Detection

Spotting plant diseases early to keep your greenhouse crops safe and secure.

Growth Tracking

Identifying abnormal growth patterns to ensure all plants are growing uniformly and healthily.

Harvest Forecasting

Using historical data to predict future yields helps you prepare better for market demands.

Dashboard Insights

Making data easy to understand and use with user-friendly dashboards for greenhouse management.

Data we work with

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Drone or stational camera imagery

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Scouting applications

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Sensor data

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Integration with grower databases

Plants we’ve analyzed

Greenhouse Monitoring Software


Greenhouse Monitoring Software


Greenhouse Monitoring Software


Greenhouse Monitoring Software


Greenhouse Monitoring Software


Greenhouse Monitoring Software

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Our Partners

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Corvus Drones – our partners in building greenhouse monitoring systems, manufacturing 100% autonomous drones for greenhouse plants’ growth and health monitoring.

Why Invest In Greenhouse Solutions

Or Grower Advantages

  • Accurate Harvest


    Use advanced analytics and predictive tools to forecast harvest timing precisely, optimize resources, plan workforce schedules, and accurately meet market demands.

  • Efficient Supply


    Implement harvest predictions to facilitate production and coordinate seamlessly with distributors, retailers, and market demands, minimizing waste and boosting supply chain efficiency.

  • Disease Prevention

    & Yield Protection

    Monitor plant health in real-time to prevent the spread of diseases, minimize crop loss, safeguard yield, and maintain product quality.

  • Optimized


    Improve workforce efficiency by integrating greenhouse software that automates routine tasks and shifts the workforce focus on strategic and value-added activities.

  • Future-Ready


    Adopt greenhouse software systems as a forward-thinking investment to ensure your operation stays competitive, adapts to industry changes, and meets evolving consumer demands.

Success stories

Plant Smart Monitoring System
#Computer vision
#Deep learning
#Machine learning

Monitoring solution for greenhouses using Computer Vision

Calculating Biomass for Fruit Crop Prediction
#Computer vision
#Data analytics

A desktop application, which calculate biomass in kilos using CV

Automatic Growth Tracking System for Medical Plants
#Computer vision
#Data analytics

A control and monitoring system for plant growth process and anomalies

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