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What we do

Do you have a solution idea and don't know where to start? You don't have to be tech-savvy or put much effort to bring your vision to life. You get the idea, and the rest is on us! We will help you with:
  • Planning

    We plan resources and development iterations

  • Prototyping

    We create the very first example of the product

  • Designing

    We use final requirements for software design

  • Development

    We develop solution implementation through code writing

  • Testing

    We test after the software deployment, it goes through the testing stage

  • Deployment

    We set up the product environment

  • Performance analysis

    We take care of any updates to meet quality standards or issues to be fixed

  • Refining

    We improve the product over some time

How we can help your business


We will shorten the time from an idea to prototype, MVP, or solution release


You will be able to engage in the development process on your own terms and to the extent that compliments your goals the most. Thus you will be able to focus on strategy or other projects

Unique expertise

We will advise you on the most cost and time-effective technologies


We will support you in the design-making providing you with alternatives, precise estimates, prioritization, and understanding of the end results.


We communicate effectively both with business and technical stakeholders.

Need a solutionoutside the box?

Why us


We have access to talented engineers in ukraine

Our team of recruiters scales the team quickly and effectively, even when it comes to rare specializations. Thus we combine European work style, high-quality education, and reasonable prices.


Full-cycle development with adaptive processes

We take your time, business process, values, and goals seriously. Thus we will smooth out your customer journey to get both: the best results and clear, clean, and crisp flow.


Engineering team with rare expertise

Our savvy technical team, including software developers, data engineers, and scientists, consistently exceeds the limits to deliver major data-based solutions to help businesses grow their software products.


We work with the business not only with a code

On every project, we dive deeply into the business details and goals to meet your needs. We have assembled a team of professionals interested not only in writing code or training models but in bringing a real impact to the business.

Success stories

LLM-based financial investment advisory chatbot
#Large Language Model
#Text analysis

LLM-powered investment advisory chatbot for efficient investment decision making

Digital financial market infrastructure platform
#Distributed ledger technology
#Transaction monitoring

Building a scalable, secured system allows users to instantly create transactions in any asset, from anywhere on Earth, at any time.

Transaction monitoring and suspicious data detection solution
#Data analytics
#Sensitive data
#Transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring system development with complying data security standards

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