Data science research

Get actionable insights from your data with intelligent research driven by data science

Research areas

Artificial intelligence architecture

We research various architectures and platforms such as TensorRT and CoreML, looking at opportunities and limitations to identify the best solution for each business case. This secures scalability and performance while optimizing operational costs for AI solutions.

Innovative applications of Deep Learning

We research new ways to apply deep learning technology in your business, such as image and video enhancement, hyper-personalization, language processing, document parsing, assistive technologies, and fraud detection.


We apply new algorithms and technologies to optimize performance and decision-making processes. By running algorithms at the local level, we improve user experience with a more autonomous system.

Geospatial technology

We implement AI techniques, ML algorithms, and deep learning methods into sophisticated solutions that solve the challenges in natural resource industries: agriculture, forestry, and geology.

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What you get

  • Prototype

    We will create a product build to help you validate your idea and build a solid, scalable basis for your future product.

  • Data science report

    Using research results, the report answers business questions we got before the project.

  • Scientific article

    We can convert your data science project into a scientific article that demonstrates your expertise in a particular field of research.