LLM-based financial investment advisory chatbot

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For whom

Our solution aims to unlock the power of instant fundamental analysis for global stocks and personalized investment strategies. It is useful for advisors, investment managers, technological researchers, and institutional players striving for success in today’s and tomorrow’s financial horizons.

Business Challenge

In today’s interconnected financial landscape, investors from around the globe seek timely and accurate insights to make informed decisions on the stock market. Since stock investment requires extensive financial data analysis, such research is often time-consuming, expensive, and subject to human biases. Moreover, volatile market conditions make accurate predictions a significant challenge.

Recognizing these challenges, we accepted the challenge to create a chatbot based on a financial data analytical system aimed at providing instant investment advice that has the potential to reshape the investment world.


Solution Overview

Within the context of this solution, our objective was to create a trustworthy chatbot for automated investment advice. It could answer both simple questions and more complex queries, such as “Are there any potential disruptors or emerging technologies that might impact the growth of X company?”

To achieve this, we employ generated financial reports as contextual references and utilize large language models to gather relevant information and deliver precise and accurate responses to a user.

The investment advisory chatbot provides recommendations on whether to buy a specific company’s shares, leveraging a comprehensive database that includes company information, financial statements, stock exchange data, and complex financial market analytics.

In the near future, the system will also be enhanced with language models that will be able to generate stock market forecasts.

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LLM-based financial investment advisory chatbot

Technological Details

The backend part is written in Python. The foundation of innovation lies in open-source LLMs and GPT language models, the engines of insight that drive the chatbot’s capabilities. This complex structure is housed and deployed within the vast environment of Amazon Web Services.

In a world of rapid evolution, the solution stands as a pillar of stability, providing a solid foundation for financial advisors and investment managers. Both the system and the investment advisory chatbot are the keys to unlocking a future where investment decisions are no longer covered in uncertainty but enlightened by informed insight.

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