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Here at Quantum, we are dedicated to creating state-of-art solutions that effectively address the pressing issues faced by businesses and the world at large. To date, our team of exceptional people has already helped many organizations across the globe in attaining technological leadership. Join us if you share our passion for solving real problems and making an impact.

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Rest assured that you will always have interesting tasks from our multiple projects.

Career growth

Evolve professionally with our team leader support, internship programs, internal workshops, and paid training.

Space for your ideas

Take ownership of R&D projects, participate in worldwide tech meetups, and be a champion of global hackathons.

Life balance

Stay in control of your life, being able to work from anywhere with flexible working hours.

Welcoming atmosphere

Be a part of a multicultural company where meetings are fun and lighthearted, even while discussing severe problems. Our leaders and HR department are always ready to support and listen to your ideas.

Sustainability adherence

There is no Earth 2.0. Partake in the CSR and volunteer projects to solve global environmental issues with emerging technologies.

Core values

The essence of our leaders’ vision that allows us to support a healthy environment where everyone feels they matter.
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Innovative thinking

Trailblazing new ways to solve global problems


To effectively solve complex business challenges and keep market leadership, we ‘boldly go where no man has gone before.’ We aim to maintain a healthy work environment in the team by encouraging abstract thinking and freedom for innovative thinkers.

Aleksandr Dolgaryev, CTO
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Knowing by teaching

Improving professionally and sharing our knowledge


There is hardly a better way to master [data] science than teaching. Explaining to others takes a lot of effort, but as a result, you start to see the bigger picture with a bunch of new ways of practical use. In addition, this is the fastest way possible.

Michael Yushchuk, Team Lead of Data Science
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Seamless collaboration

Uniting and strengthening the software community


If there's one thing I've learned for sure while growing a business, it's that no matter how smart a person is, if they act out of touch with the team, they fail. I see it as my goal to teach my employees to cooperate effectively, and everything else can be mastered in the process.

Ruben Melkonian, CEO

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Being true data experts and strategic thinkers means discovering new ways to tackle business challenges, even when there isn't yet a best practice. We advance emerging technologies for outside-the-box solutions. Enjoy getting to know our wealth of experience!
LLM-based financial investment advisory chatbot
#Large Language Model
#Text analysis

LLM-powered investment advisory chatbot for efficient investment decision making

Digital financial market infrastructure platform
#Distributed ledger technology
#Transaction monitoring

Building a scalable, secured system allows users to instantly create transactions in any asset, from anywhere on Earth, at any time.

Transaction monitoring and suspicious data detection solution
#Data analytics
#Sensitive data
#Transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring system development with complying data security standards

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