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We always welcome the opportunity to expand our team with talented people.

We’d love to see your CV, regardless of whether we have any current job openings matching your unique skills. We will keep your information and text you if a suitable opportunity arises.

Our recruitment process

2 business days

Send your CV

And its consideration

5 business days

Get technical task

Not always used, depends on the project and position

1-1,5 hour

Take an interview

With recruiter and tech lead


Welcome to quantum!

Benefits you enjoy

  • Tech adventures

    Explore cutting-edge technologies, and get insights from our multiple innovative projects and R&D activities.

  • People-focused culture

    Stay in the loop on project objectives and company vision. Experience efficient communication, prompt feedback, and the autonomy to make agile decisions.

  • Collaborative energy

    Enjoy a place where talented people value transparency and collaborative decision-making, share your passion for innovation, trust, and support you.

  • Career development

    Boost your professional and personal skills through our corporate education programs. If you’re a beginner, kickstart your career with our Internship programs.

  • Feeling the Positive impact

    • Partaking in social and volunteer projects to solve global issues.
    • Lead newcomers and invest in the next generation’s future.
    • Delve into the company’s business objectives and drive its success.
  • Mandatory benefits

    • Paid vacation and sick leave days.
    • Flexible working hours.
    • And the option to work from home or our team spaces.

Join Quantum and take a step toward your data-driven future

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