Quantum provides you with opportunities to build a rewarding career in tech through working with cutting-edge technologies, delivering exciting projects, gaining real-life experience - all in a comfortable workspace and an inspiring environment.
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remote allowed
Full time

Trainee/Junior Marketing Specialist

Remote, Poland/Ukraine
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Software Development / Data Science
remote allowed
Full time

Data Science Engineer

Central Europe
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Data science internship

At Quantum, we cherish the effort people put into learning. That is why we love fostering their potential, encouraging them to continue growing, all while enjoying their work. We do this by offering various internship programs that will help people take on new challenges and show off their software development capabilities.


Projects that solve real-life problems


Building end-to-end technical solutions


Learning things you’re sure to use in the future


Mentorship by skilled data science experts

Launch your careerwith Quantum!

Company benefits

  • Innovative projects

    With Quantum, you’ll contribute to the development of various projects for world-class clients. But best of all, you’ll be making a positive impact.

  • Research & development

    Participating in disruptive projects, playing around with hardware, trying out new concepts, advanced and new technologies - as a part of our R&D team, you’ll be doing all that and more.

  • Fostering leadership

    With Quantum, you can let your initiative blossom because we want our employees to become leaders. We support employees who are proactive and aren’t afraid to share ideas.

  • Tech expertise

    You will be working in a highly professional community together with outstanding experts in modern software development and data science technologies.

  • Career path

    Quantum offers all of its employees the ability to grow in different technical directions and enrich their expertise.

  • Team spirit

    We nurture an atmosphere of trust and partnership. You’re welcome to communicate with everyone in the company, including senior management.

  • Education

    We organize various trainings, meetups, conferences, dev talks, English lessons, and other educational activities.

  • Atmosphere

    You will collaborate with talented engineers who support you through professional and personal growth in a friendly and creative environment.

  • Team events

    For us, teams are more than coworkers. We love organizing events that gather like-minded people, build team relations, and encourage honest conversations.