We care about the society
and our planet

Corporate social responsibility program

CSR is one of the fundamental principles of Quantum. We participate in social projects that apply data science and software development for worthy causes. Our social impact is described in the CSR Report 2020.

Our main areas of CSR are:


The AI for Ecology initiative is a series of projects aimed to solve environmental problems in Ukraine and the Kharkiv region, in particular.

Education and IT community

Quantum founded Octopus AI events for professionals and students. We also develop the local tech community by being a member of the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

Culture and society

We devote our creativity and time to promote cultural and social projects and events in an effort to make Ukraine the safest and most beautiful country.

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ClearCut for environment

We believe our expertise in data science can help manage and track global environmental issues.

Together with the Ukrainian Chapter of SCGIS and a group of volunteers, Quantum launched an initiative to monitor logging and react to illegal cases. ClearCut is an online platform that uses computer vision and AI for automatic deforestation tracking. By collecting satellite data every 3-5 days, the software compares the current state of forests and provides reports on any changes.

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Soil erosion detection

Soil erosion is a form of degradation that makes it less fertile. While it’s a serious issue, there was no tool to tell the severity of erosion is on a specific territory.

Quantum developed an application for monitoring land erosion that became the first of its kind. The app displays areas affected by erosion and helps monitor its dynamics thanks to the same ML models we used in our ClearCut project. Using the tool can help take action and combat soil degradation.

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