Satellite imagery

High resolution and frequency imagery for your data-driven decisions

What we offer

Satellite imagery

Up-to-date satellite data to improve your decision-making. We advise
on the best-to-use type of satellite data depending on your project
and goals.

Professional services

We develop comprehensive geo-analytical products with a set of ready-to-use ML & CV components for imagery analysis to enhance efficiency and save time on software development.

Satellite imagery processing


We can help you with:

  • Imagery downloading.
  • Imagery alignment, including improved orthorectification.
  • L1C to L2A conversion.
  • Automatic merge of tiles.
  • Selection of tiles by cloudiness. If the latest tiles have clouds on them, previous snapshots that are more suitable will be used.
  • Preprocessing for S1. Apply orbit file, Thermal noise removal, Border noise removal, Calibration, Speckle filtering, Range Doppler Terrain Correction, and Conversion to dB.
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The types of imagery we provide

3.7 m

resolution imagery

0.5 m

resolution imagery

High res

base maps

Need to enhance yourgeoanalytics with AI?


Daily Earth data leading provider

Quantum is an official partner and reseller of Planet satellite imagery.
  • planetscope

    3-meter multispectral image resolution bands: 8 (RGB, NIR)
  • rapideye

    5-meter multispectral image resolution bands: 5 (RGB, red edge, NIR)
  • skysat

    50-centimeter image resolution bands: 5 (RGB, NIR, pan)

why planet?

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& continuous daily imagery.

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& preprocessing capacity.

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& historic image library.

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via API & data integration.

Use cases

  • data-driven

    precision agriculture

    Gain critical insights necessary for productive, profitable, and sustainable farming.
  • Energy & infrastructure

    satellite monitoring

    Create insightful assets to monitor competitors and mitigate disasters before they become costly.
  • civil


    Make timely, data-driven decisions for safer communities and greater visibility over natural resources.
  • mapping

    & GIS imagery

    Update GIS data, visualize topographies, and enhance UX design with Planet data
  • data-driven


    Tackle complex sustainability challenges to balance economic growth, social well-being, and ecology.
  • forestry

    & land usage

    Remote sensing technologies and data analysis delivered by the world’s largest fleet of commercial satellites.

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