Big data and BI

We will help you use your data to get insights and make data-driven decisions

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Deep business expertise

Our data analytics services combine reasoned advice and state-of-the-art technology to align your business’s needs with proven and emerging solutions that drive targeted business outcomes. Quantum adds value to various niche clients through a customized approach to data and analytics services.

With geospatial technologies and data analytics, we deliver solutions to businesses on time, foresee customer demands through predictive models, and develop custom geo-solutions based on the most advanced satellite capabilities. Bring powerful capabilities to your business with our custom geo-solutions and unique, ready-to-use components.

  • Geospatial data acquisition and preprocessing
  • Geospatial data processing with AI
  • Custom GIS software development
  • Custom geo-solution development

Elevate your businesswith big data!

We help you

Design data mining pipelines

With a keen focus on your business’s needs, we take a data science approach to rapidly process vast amounts of data. We define your business issues clearly before designing a data mining pipeline to get the most accurate insights.

Get actionable insights

We help convert your raw data into actionable insights through comprehensive data analytics, powerful data management, and astute business intelligence, and we deliver data-driven solutions in different areas. We will help you derive precise business predictions by automating your tasks that require human cognitive effort.

Boost business with the power of data

Our data and analytics professionals increase your productivity. We possess thorough domain expertise across the entire data stack to address your current business challenges in real-time, such as predicting outcomes and preventing failures. We use best practices and our extensive experience to provide you with superior data analytics.

Success stories

BI for a Distributed Energy Management Platform
#Big data
#Business analytics
#Machine learning

A solution that using machine learning-based models for the improvement of the startup's PV forecasting algorithms

Solution for Automated Document Parsing
#Big data
#Business analytics
#Deep learning
#Text analysis

An automated invoice handling solution with NLP text classification

Google Adwords Price Prediction
#Big data
#Business analytics
#Data analytics
#Machine learning

A solution that defines the best price based on end-user information and history of dealing with Google


We apply the latest data analytics tools and technologies


  • S3 (AWS) Blob storage (Azure) Cloud storage (GCP)
  • DynamoDB (AWS) DocumentDB (AWS) CosmosDB (Azure)


  • Apache Kafka (on Confluent)
  • Kinesis firehose (AWS)
  • Active MQ (AMQP, STOMP, MQTT)


  • EMR (AWS) Databricks (Azure
  • Glue (AWS) Data lake
  • Elastic Stack


  • Apache Airflow
  • Kubeflow


  • Redshift (AWS)
  • BigQuery (GCP)
  • Athena (AWS) PowerBI (Azure)
  • Clickhouse

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