GeoAnalytics Platform (GeoAP)

About GeoAP

Our GeoAnalytics Platform (GeoAP) provides ready-to-use components to process satellite and drone imagery with AI-powered methods. The platform allows you to cut development time and save up to 60% of your budget for solution development.


is a software and hardware solution designated for:
  • Start-ups

    Release the MVP version of your product on the fly. Unpack it on your server or let us do it for you; add ML, the extensive, and you are ready for sales! It’s that easy!

  • Well-established businesses

    Make geo-analytics a part of your everyday design-making routine. GeoAP is 100% integration-ready, so you don’t have to switch interfaces.

  • Governmental agencies

    Get a system to analyze a vast area, you monitor? Our approach is highly scalable!

  • Ecological organizations

    Plugin an ML module, and your monitoring tool is up and running.

The GeoAP platform meets the needs and requirements of almost all AI or CV-based application lifecycle participants: from developers to end-users, from development to operations.

Key Values


Time and cost-efficient solution for geo-analytics solution development.

Data collection

The platform can collect data from various sources with options suitable for modeling.

Ready-to-use components

A set of predefined components to be used in different combinations to speed up development.

Ready for ML

Easily integrate and run custom ML models in just a couple of hours.

Basic featuresGEOAPCustom Development
From new model development to results in the production1-2 days1-2 months
Enabling the work with satellite and drone imagery
Viewer for calculated results
Storing multiple historical results of outputs of various models
Delivering results in a standard form via API
Mapbox integration

Areas of application

The GeoAP platform helps to develop solutions in the following industries:



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