Infrastructure Solution for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Computing

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About the Client

Nutanix is a leading enterprise cloud corporation, selling hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) appliances and software-defined storage. Nutanix delivers its customers a simple, flexible, and cost-efficient cloud platform, one that offers freedom of choice and enables true hybrid and multi-cloud computing.


Business Challenge

The client has developed a lot of its own software for physical servers, where any corporation with a huge number of servers can use it. They combine all this set of company’s servers into one cluster– a data center on-site and turn it into a scalable private cloud. But even with this approach, the physical servers’ risks remain, being:

  • high cost
  • low scalability
  • insufficient security

So, our client developed hybrid cloud solutions for the on-premise servers and the clouds that all worked together as one cluster. This will enable companies to purchase a physical Nutanix server, combine it with a cloud bare metal server like AWS, Azure, or any other, and make it part of the company’s data center. This transfer of our client’s solutions to AWS and other providers became the biggest challenge for the company, and the Quantum team is very proud to be the infrastructure and software service provider who helped Nutanix address this challenge and succeed.

Solution Overview

Nutanix decided not only to migrate its solutions but to create a new hyper-converged infrastructure solution, which allows building a cluster on AWS without any physical data center. The main benefit of this solution is that the end-user is not dependent on AWS (or any other cloud provider) and can create a cluster anywhere – one on AWS, 2 more on Azure, and so on. All this will drive the end-user to a new level of flexibility.

In the terms of Nutanix cluster product, Quantum worked on the following pieces:

  • Papiea – an orchestration solution that lies at the core of Nutanix clusters product
  • BMaaS (Bare Metal as a Service) – a product that helps to expose Azure bare metal services so they can be used by Nutanix cluster, responsible for imaging and network setup
  • The Quantum team also participates in the development of other Nutanix products and services, one of them being File Analytics – a virtual machine installed on the Nutanix cluster that analyzes your files, allowing you to work with sensitive data, analyzing access levels, detecting anomaly behavior, and providing statistics. For this project, we are developing the backend part, UI dashboards, and also working on moving this solution to the cloud.

Infrastructure Solution for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Computing

Some of our mutual solutions are open-sourced, which allows anyone to work on their own clustering and build independent data centers.

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