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About the Client

A Swiss startup for therapy business.


Business Challenge

Finding a good therapist and getting your procedure done is a real challenge nowadays. Patients need a way to get genuine and trusted reviews about manual therapists along with their contact information.

Our client wanted to change the process of acquiring massage services for customers and therapists and streamline their communication. Another goal was to help manual therapists plan their working days, thus motivating them to use the application.

Another requirement was the fulfillment of insurance companies’ formal procedures regarding the coverage of therapy costs.

Solution Overview

Our team developed an uber-like mobile and web application to help therapists and clients easily arrange massage services. The app can be divided into three functional units:

Clients application to find therapists and request their services online after reading feedback and viewing therapist ratings.

Therapists’ application to specify the service venue and accept orders online. The app allows therapists to provide services at certain workplaces, set desired prices, and manage a work schedule.

Administrators application with a flexible management system for interviewing therapists and providing various statistics on services and tools.

Project Description

We applied the Agile methodology along with the SCRUM approach during this project. Sprints lasted 1-2 weeks. We had four stages for this project:

BA and UI/UX Design

Our client came to us with a great idea. However, they hadn’t planned how to develop and implement it (a common issue). We studied the client’s requirements and goals at the concept formation stage. Our business analyst prepared the necessary documents, accelerating the project’s later development.


In this stage, our team faced many daunting but exciting challenges. However, we found a suitable solution for the interaction process of all participants involved in providing the service.

Product Development

We implemented some complicated features:

  • Calendars for the therapist and the client, all with a set of customizable options and synchronization between them;
  • An administrator can get statistics about interactions;
  • The time that must be spent commuting between the service locations is determined based on the distance the therapist must travel and then displayed on the work calendar.


Our team provides support for mobile and web applications.

In general, the project is full of various functions, the implementation of many of which requires an individual approach.

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Technological Details

The project complexity required different skill sets, and we brought specialists with various technology stacks. The features of the project required the involvement of team members with the use of multiple technologies.

We chose React JS for the frontend development as current technology and its reliability for long-term support. Also, we used recompose, Moment.js, Redux, redux-saga, i18next, and Lodash.

The backend part was implemented on Python, Django, and PostgreSQL.

The mobile app for IOS and Android was implemented on React Native due to the opportunity for cross-platform development.


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