Google Drive-like enterprise cloud file storage

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About the Client

Our client is an innovative platform to store and share your work in a highly visual environment centered around your brand. The product is a B2B SaaS file-sharing platform focused on storytelling and visualization around shared content used globally.

Business Challenge

The client realized that they have a gap between creating a sales desk and consuming the desk by a potential customer.

He was looking for Google Drive-like enterprise cloud file storage with advanced user permission management in which users can store, search, share, and organize files and links. The main goal was to build the entire product from scratch based on an MVP with a broken architecture.

Solution Overview

We were required to create a Google Drive-like enterprise cloud file storage, where the client could store data with confidence in cloud storage.

Our team developed a platform where users can manage their projects. The platform also supports user groups and subgroups. We use this service to store data confidently in cloud storage. Since our client’s business focuses on its users’ brands, they can create a branded environment and use beautiful modules and spaces.

Project Description

The goal was to build the entire product from scratch based on an MVP with a broken architecture. Our team has created the new version of the web backend to store and share users’ work and integrate it with AWS for file storage and web server deployment.

The main challenge was that the Quantum team could figure out the existing system and finish it by the indicated date despite the near deadline.

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Technological Details

We used graph database management system neo4j and AWS CloudFront security capabilities to provide network protection with complex access rights. We integrated neo4j FTS (Full-Text Search) for complex search in their new version 3.5 for the enterprise. To minimize the load time of assets across the world, we decided to implement the integration with Amazon CloudFront.

The main technologies which were used in the project:
Kotlin, Neo4J, Spring Boot, AWS, CircleCI

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

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