Quantum releases ClearCut

Quantum has released ClearCut, a cloud-based precision deforestation platform that helps ecological institutions and private initiatives monitor logging processes and promptly react to illegal cases.

ClearCut is an online platform that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence, allowing automatic deforestation monitoring. By collecting satellite data every 3-5 days, the software compares the current state of forests and provides reports on occurring changes. Email notifications of land lots that have been exposed to felling are delivered with the exact location and updated data.

The solution uses a color identification system to identify areas that were subjected to deforestation:

— areas that haven’t changed over the requested period are marked with yellow;

— areas, where there is an increase in deforestation are marked with red;

— areas that have no satellite data are marked with blue.

You can receive detailed information about changes in the deforestation area for each land lot.

The project is a joint cooperation between Quantum and SCGIS Ukraine, Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS), which helps conservation organizations use geographic information systems (GIS) in the Kharkiv region. Conservationists have been trying to raise awareness of deforestation for a long time. However, the existing information is usually inaccurate and even outdated, preventing scientists and conservation organizations from reacting quickly to illegal cutting.

“Quantum is a socially conscious company, and we understand the importance of an acute environmental problem like deforestation, especially illegal logging. That is why we created this open-source platform”, states Ruben Melkonian, CTO at Quantum. “Quantum continues its collaboration with environmentalists and is working on an updated version of ClearCut that will allow increasing the accuracy of felling detection by 10-15%”

Detailed information about the project you can find on our website and on our R&D blog.

We are open to feedback and suggestions on how ClearCut can be improved. Please feel free to share your ideas via this form.

About Quantum

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