Quantum is speaking at Y-Data event

Meet Quantum at Y-DATA Meetup #8 Powered by Big Data: “How More Data Improves Machine Learning” on November 18, 2019, in WeWork Derech Menachem Begin 144, Tel Aviv – Yafo, Israel. During this meetup speakers will present several real-world use cases about building deep E2E models that outperform heuristic- and feature-based models individually crafted by domain experts. Such models can provide value both independently and in concert with work by domain experts and can even offer new, previously unknown insights.

Quantum’s CTO, Aleksandr Dolgarev, will share his insights and provide real-life examples of how more data improves Machine Learning.

Quantum’s CEO, Ruben Melkonian together with Uliana Krains’ka, Sales and Marketing Director, will talk about successful cases of implementation of Machine Learning and other Data Science solutions in different areas.

About Y-DATA Meetup

Y-DATA  meetup series is for anyone who is interested in technical aspects of Data Science and Machine Learning organized by Y-DATA School. The main goal of these events and the whole Y-DATA initiative is to build stronger academia-industry relationships and make our ecosystem more competitive.

About Quantum

Quantum is a data science and software engineering company with international presence and R&D centers in Ukraine. We serve large software companies and quickly-growing startups all over the world, investing in our clients’ competitive advantages and capacity using cutting-edge technologies.

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