Quantum will perform at the Warsaw IT Days 2023

March 27, 2023

Mykyta Rohovyi, Data Science Engineer at Quantum, will compellingly present “Best Practices for Building a Continual Learning System” at Warsaw IT Days (Warszawskie Dni Informatyki).

Mykyta will share tips and tricks for automating the model retraining process, giving data scientists more time for modeling rather than engineering and deployment. We’ll discuss how to recognize when we need to retrain a model and how to select data for training.



Quantum_event_Best practices for building’s a continual learning system

About the event

Warsaw IT Days, 14th edition (Warszawskie Dni Informatyki) – the 2-days largest IT/Data Science conference and job fair for professionals and students in Poland, with 11K+ people who make up the Warsaw IT Days community.

About Quantum

Quantum is a global technology company delivering top-notch data science and software engineering services and products. Besides, as an international company with R&D centers, Quantum is committed to investing in the global environment.

Among our teammates are highly-skilled engineers who perform at worldwide conferences, boost universities’ education, and lead the world’s Kaggle rating in Central Europe.

Learn more about life in Quantum.

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