Quantum to Speak at a Joint Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance’s Event

October 6, 2020

On Tuesday, November 10, the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, together with Quattrgroup, will host a virtual event to discuss how to address COVID challenges and opportunities with outsourcing solutions. During a 2-hour online meeting, the speakers will talk about the ways Israeli health tech businesses can benefit from custom software development. Israeli and Ukrainian executives will share their own experiences and reveal best practices of how to optimize businesses owing to outsourcing.

Quantum’s CEO, Ruben Melkonian will share insights on how to Unlock Your Potential with Data Analytics during COVID Times. Businesses right now are in the need to sense and shape the new reality by growing their digital capabilities, inventing and adapting novel solutions that are already making an impact. Companies who have put advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics are more likely to succeed and withstand the crisis.

One of Quantum’s clients will share his success case on delivering personalized monitoring programs by integrating various sources of medical data for a single patient and identifying individual therapeutic targets.

The online event will take place on November 10, at 5 p.m. EET.

The event is free to attend, please register here to save your spot!

Quantum to Speak at a Joint Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance’s Event

About Israeli Ukrainian Alliance

Israeli Ukrainian Alliance is a distinctive international platform that helps to find trusted partners in Israel and Ukraine and build an independent entrepreneurial community that unites industry leaders, investors, decision-makers and promotes business interests. Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance provides competent consulting services, helps with discovering the best solutions for your business needs.

About Quantum

Quantum is a data science and software engineering company with international presence and R&D centers in Ukraine. We serve large software companies and quickly-growing startups all over the world, investing in our clients’ competitive advantages and capacity using cutting-edge technologies.

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