Quantum starts cooperation with NTU KhPI to boost research in data analysis

Together with National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” and in cooperation with Kharkiv IT Cluster, Quantum has enrolled into a PhD study program that is aimed at leading and mentoring young scientists, working on an industrial-focused research project. Along with the University, one of the Quantum experts will supervise the research study, providing practical guidance and insights on data science.

Moreover, to further support PhD program  the following items will be implemented within the agreement:

– A data engineering course;
– Jointly establish an R&D Lab for conducting practical experiments to support the study.

“Ukraine is one of the top countries, offering high-quality software development services but doesn’t have much research and innovation in the computer industry. We strive to change this, to be proud of our scientists as much as of our engineers” – says Ruben Melkonyan, CEO of Quantum.

R&D projects are a new milestone for the IT ecosystem development in our region. They are always a great opportunity to be engaged in continuous research with the aim of growing expertise on a market and sustainable development of the IT community. Only with the R&D initiatives, the Ukrainian and world IT community will be able to show the best results and produce innovative products.

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