Quantum participated in the event for novice Data Engineers

November 24, 2021

Are you seriously interested in the world of Big Data and want to gain experience in this way? Quantum will help you to pump up! We regularly organize and participate in meetups for beginners and large conferences for professionals.

And one of these events was held on November 17: a meetup for novice Data Engineers.

The meetup was held in a mixed format. We gathered the viewers offline, and others joined us via the live broadcast. Such a setup allowed us to get acquainted with all the participants and reward the most active ones!

The Quantum team would like to thank Kharkiv IT Cluster for organizing and holding the event.

Quantum’s Meetup for Data Engineers

About the event

Tech/Team Lead at Quantum, Igor Korotach, met the IT newcomers to share his experience in building his career. He described how and why he started his career in Data Engineering. Also, Igor shared tips for beginners: where to start and what skills you need to have to enter the profession.

The main things Igor revealed:

— What is Data Engineering, and what is the practical meaning of global development.
— Who is a Data Engineer, and what does he do?
— The specialization difference in Data-oriented areas.
— What kind of data are there? How can the data be processed? What are data warehouses?
— How to start a career in Data Engineering and how to understand that you are interested in it.

Important conclusions:

— The amount of data increases significantly every year. They need someone to analyze, process, and store safely. That is why the profession of Data Engineer appeared.
— The key skills to become a Data Engineer are desire and understanding of Python or Java programming basics.
— Algorithmic thinking, understanding the basics of application design will help every novice Data Engineer succeed in his career.
— Knowledge of the English language will help to communicate with the customer and the foreign team. High-quality communication is 80% of the success of the project.

You also can find the answers to the remaining questions by clicking the YouTube link.

Useful literature for beginners:

For those who want to enter Data Engineering from scratch — Designing Data-Intensive Applications, Martin Kleppmann.

For those who are repurposing from Software Development — Rebuilding Reliable Data Pipelines Through Modern Tools, Ted Malaska.


Quantum Team will be happy to see you at one of our future meetups. Subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram to join the conversation.

We are also looking for new members of the Data Engineering team. Check the open vacancies on our website and contact our recruiter. Exciting projects are waiting for you! We will help you grow professionally, as you will be able to study from the best engineers and gain invaluable experience.

Let’s make data solutions together!

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