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August 8, 2022

Ukrainians will never forget this war. Someone lost their loved ones due to the bomb shelling or on the battlefield. Others were left homeless because of the enemy attack. It won’t ever be forgiven and forgotten. This war is forever with us. Not only because of the painful remaining loss but also because of the “leftovers” the russian army left after themselves.

As of the third month of the war, according to the State Emergency Service, about 300,000 square kilometers of Ukraine’s territory need humanitarian mine clearance due to a large number of munitions left. That means that even after russia loses this war, half of Ukraine’s territory still will be dangerous for its residents.

Considering the high risks after the russians bombed civil buildings, there is a high chance of stumbling upon unexploded mines anywhere. So, to protect civilians from explosive war artifacts, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine decided to develop a Minefree application for demining territory in collaboration with Quantum.


The App

Our task was to develop a tool that would allow citizens who find explosive artifacts to notify about it by taking a photo of an object and reporting its location to the relevant authorities. The documented explosives would be marked on the map so the user would be alarmed not to cross the dangerous territory. This functionality will speed up the demining process and prevent human victims.

The info on dangerous areas and objects is verified by the State Emergency Service, and the app is integrated with their databases. So, the user should be aware that the danger is real and can’t be ignored. Also, in the “potentially dangerous” section, the user can find the lists of explosive devices, how they might look, and their possible harm. The section will be expanded with new materials to help avoid risks associated with explosive items on Ukrainian territory.

Quantum is sincerely grateful to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and its partners for the opportunity to be involved in this project that aims to prevent human casualties as a result of russian terror war.

Useful Links

Download the app on App Store or Google Play.

Find the extra information on minefree.info.


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Earlier, Quantum also helped British Army with mine detection.

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