Quantum mentors IT newcomers at the Kharkiv IT Cluster’s Boot Camp project

This year, Quantum participates in the third iteration of the Boot Camp project from the Kharkiv IT Cluster – a socially significant project for the future of Ukraine. Boot Camp focuses on preparing beginners in the IT field for real projects with the assistance of mentors from IT companies.

Over the course of four weeks, the Boot Camp teams undergo a complete development cycle: from formulating technical tasks to presenting projects to investors and industry stakeholders.



About our project on the Boot Camp

Together with Quantum mentors, our team will create a bot that sends users jokes in response to daily news generated by ChatGPT. This combination of cutting-edge technologies and humor aims to improve the emotional state of Ukrainians.

“We hope this service will help future users feel positive and inspire them to create cool, innovative things,” commented Bogdan Sapovskiy, one of the mentors of the Boot Camp team and Software Engineer at Quantum.

Currently, we have assembled a team of software engineers, QA specialists, UI/UX designers, project managers, marketing experts, and SMM specialists and have planned a flow of tasks for the upcoming month.

About mentors from Quantum

Bogdan Sapovskyi and Serhii Sliadniev, Python Engineers, have been with Quantum for over two years and are engaged in exciting projects in the FinTech industry. During this time, they pumped up their Azure skills, led teams, and shared their knowledge with other developers in the team.

At Boot Camp, Bogdan and Serhii aim to provide newcomers with valuable experience to help them successfully and quickly integrate into teams in their future jobs.

“Boot Camp is a great opportunity for me to develop my communication and leadership skills, as well as learn how to work with diverse groups of people.” – commented Serhii Sliadnev, Boot Camp team mentor and Software Engineer at Quantum.

About Quantum

Quantum is a global technology company delivering top-notch data science and software engineering services and products. As an international company with R&D centers, Quantum is committed to investing in the global environment and educational and scientific research processes with universities.

In partnership with Kharkiv IT Cluster, we create an effective business and IT education synergy. We foster education by collaborating on joint R&D projects with universities, allowing students to acquire new knowledge in Big Data and Data Science as part of their educational programs.

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