Quantum is organizing a Data Science meetup

October 29, 2021

Quantum has a good tradition of organizing offline Data Science meetups where Engineers share their practical experience with real-world problems. And this year wouldn’t be an exception. We’ve organized our DS talk in an old-school format for everyone who missed in-person events and networking and is fully vaccinated or has a PCR test.

However, if you wouldn’t be able to join our event for some reason, we have another option. We’ve also made this possible for everyone to join the event virtually and to participate in networking to the full extent.

Following this link, you can fill in the registration form on LinkedIn and get a reminder to join a live session on 11th November.

Octopus data science conference

About the event

This year our speakers will be talking about:

– Kubeflow. Should you use it?
– An introduction to Learning to Rank. Semi-supervised Learning to Rank approach.
– The ability of machine learning to conduct automated web application testing

The speakers are Data Science Engineers of Quantum and GlobalLogic.

Quantum organizes OctopusCon for both Data Science practitioners and those who would like to become a part of the DS world, learn more about it firsthand.

About Quantum

At Quantum, we provide junior engineers with the ability to join our internship and obtain practice working on meaningful projects. For instance, our ecology initiatives are supported by Data Scientists, where a team of young enthusiasts and experienced Leads work hand-in-hand on interesting projects.
One of them is this solution to monitor deforestation – ClearCut.

Feel free to come and learn more about the practical usage of emerging technologies.

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