Quantum is a mentor for M.Sc. in Data Science students

Quantum is mentoring M.Sc. in Data Science students at the Ukrainian Catholic University during their Machine Learning course this spring.

As an active participant in the IT community in Ukraine, Quantum has proposed an ML-related “Carbon Measurement Using Satellite Data” project. Students will apply new methods to check the annual biomass change in Ukrainian Carpathian forests. The project’s mentor is Mykhailo Yushchuk, Data Science Lead at Quantum.

We were deeply impressed by the students’ dedication and creativity during our work. Ukrainian Catholic University has some of the best students, many of whom already have industry experience. We look forward to seeing what they will accomplish by the end of the project and sharing the results later.


About the project

The project aims to develop a machine-learning system for Above Ground biomass estimation using optical satellite imagery. During the project, students will work with satellite data (Optical and Lidar). Also, they will apply state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to this problem to find the best approach. Additionally, we will use optical indexes, like NDVI, to track the forests’ health.


About the course

In this course, UCU students will learn to apply relevant Machine Learning methods to extract useful insights and rules from the data. The students will form groups during the course to work on a project. UCU strives to provide students with as practical an experience as possible by creating diverse projects that represent challenging real-life problems. As much for students, it could be an opportunity to tackle an interesting problem.

About Quantum

Quantum is a data science and software engineering company that helps big software companies and up-and-coming startups worldwide. We’re totally into giving students opportunities to work on meaningful projects and improve using the latest tech. We’re all about investing in the future and supporting the next big thinkers.

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