Quantum has supported the rehabilitation center for children with special needs

January 25, 2022

This year we decided to make our first New Year’s miracle and fulfill the dreams of the smallest children from the Kharkiv rehabilitation center “Right of Choice”.

Everyone dreams of a New Year’s miracle. Our main mission was to show that good things are possible and that people are ready to support and help each other. Goals are achievable where people believe and make progress towards them.

It is important for us to tell you about the “Right to Choice” center as a place where specialists create space and opportunities for people with disabilities. The more organizations learn about the center, the more healthy and wonderful people our world will see in the near future.

Believe in people who can create miracles

How it all began

On New Year’s Eve, our IT specialist Tatyana met the director of the Center and found out that children, teachers, and the organization itself need various financial assistance: to purchase educational materials, materials for the development of fine motor skills, and most importantly, they need help in printing and publishing books.

She shared this with the whole company, and we immediately began to act.

At the request of the director of the center, Valentina Antonovna, Quantum contributed to the printing and publishing of books in Braille for children with vision problems from all over Ukraine. We also cheered all students in the center with gifts and met excellent teachers and rehabilitologists who step by step, day by day, help children with special needs integrate into the community of their peers.

What we know now

During the 10 years of the center’s existence, there have been many achievements.

The main areas of the Center’s work are psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation of children with disabilities, which occur at an early age, and the creation of innovative social projects for the Kharkiv region and all of Ukraine.

For example, the Center participated in the creation of a project for a Ukrainian system of distance learning for people with disabilities. The Center also set up a school of parenting skills for families raising blind children of early and preschool age.

The center has printing facilities and highly qualified specialists, which makes it possible to print such books on-site and share them with similar organizations in other regions.

The center possesses the necessary potential for the rehabilitation of children with special needs and the implementation of projects. However, any initiative and any cause needs supporters! We invite everyone who was touched by our story to provide help to the center and its supporters.

Come to the children and listen to amazing stories, support their initiatives, and see how in actuality, words are turned into dots on a sheet and then into wonderful pictures of the world.

Our company

Quantum is an international IT company with niche expertise in Data Analytics. We offer ready-to-use solutions from talented engineers, both from Ukrainian R&D offices and locally in target markets. We work with software companies and start-ups in the USA, Israel, and Europe.

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