Quantum during the war

April 17, 2022

Dear friends, we hope that everything is okay with you and your loved ones and you are safe.

With these words, Quantum recruiters now start interviews. With these words, our HR managers began a new day throughout the days of the war. And with these words, we start our dialogue with you.

In the first weeks of the war, we made sure that our team was safe and began to return to everyday life as much as possible now.

We’ve done a lot of things since our last update:

– We have continued to work fruitfully and attract clients: we are resuming working trips and planning to participate in international conferences.
– We resumed team activities: joint meetings, dialogues with employees, and returned to the training rhythm.
– Part of the team moved to the Lviv office and began to equip it.
– We received Starlink from our partner Kharkiv IT Cluster and the Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine.
– We also support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We will tell you more about this after our Victory.

We are grateful 2

We are grateful to our team for their bravery and invincibility.
Thank you to our customers for caring and supporting us in difficult times.

Together we will win. Together we are a great force. Stand with Ukraine 💛 💙

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