Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance Partnership

Quantum is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the  Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, uniting industry leaders, investors, and decision-makers to promote business interests in Israel and Ukraine. The established partnership will provide Israeli tech startups and mature businesses access to Quantum’s experience in custom software development and data science as well as to a pool of professionals that are always eager to add value to the settled development team.

It is priceless when companies share the same values and their cooperation becomes more than just a business, but a beneficial synergy!

About Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance is a distinctive international platform that helps to find trusted partners in Israel and Ukraine and build an independent entrepreneurial community that unites industry leaders, investors, decision-makers and promotes business interests. Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance provides competent consulting services, helps with discovering the best solutions for your business needs.

About Quantum

Quantum is a data science and software engineering company with international presence and R&D centers in Ukraine. We serve large software companies and quickly-growing startups all over the world, investing in our clients’ competitive advantages and capacity using cutting-edge technologies.

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