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March 24, 2022

The current situation in Ukraine has become a nightmare for us, especially for our employees with Ukrainian origins. We spend some time to truly accept the reality, and now we are moving forward.

And to be clear with you, we would like to share some updates on our activities.

We urgently needed to ensure all our employees from the Ukrainian office and their relatives were safe and inspired to work to build a better future for all of us.

During wartime, Quantum supports the relocation process for our employees from dangerous territories to Quantum polish office, safest West of Ukraine, and other countries. Safety is a main priority.

Fortunately, to date, most of our Quantum family settled in safe locations, and now they are back at projects, daily meetings, and tasks.

We’re incredibly grateful for your support!
Together we are strong!

Together we are strong inst

Quantum is an R&D company focused on innovative Data Science/ Data Analytics solutions. We work with global technology companies primarily based in the US, Israel, and EU.

Our Tech Leaders are experts with 20+ years of industry experience speakers on global events like Nvidia GTC.

Quantum facilitates your professional and personal development and is interested in long-term collaboration.

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