Social Platform with Built-in LMS and Healthcare Packages

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About the Client

Seraphic Group is a fast-growing, value-driven health company with a mission to restore our planet’s natural cycles of human health and ecology.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to attract more people to the concepts of ecology and health. They pursue education and community as enablers for regeneration transformation. Farmers, consumers, and organizations are ready to change but aren’t sure how to start. Education is the foundation for change, but resources and information are disaggregated, fragmented, challenging to compile, and sometimes conflicting.

Our client wanted to spread knowledge between people and qualified doctors using their new social platform and learning courses available in the built-in Learning Management System (LMS). The platform’s main aim is to connect learners and users for support and peer-to-peer learning & collaboration. Any person should be able to register there and purchase coach sessions and learning courses, along with physical goods like water bottles. They also wanted to have instructors and coaches on the platform – specialists in the domain field.

Solution Overview

Our main goal was to build a technology-based platform to create and enable transformations through education & community-building according to our client’s request. We’ve developed a social network platform and built in the LMS with coaches for personal sessions and interviews.

We developed some system components like the following:

Personal profile

Social media, photo and video gallery, private notes, calendars to review all the user events on the platform, etc.

Flexible and powerful privacy and security mechanisms

Full control on what information will be available publicly, for certain user groups, for the current user only, and the possibility to identify what information (accurate to each data field) will be available for viewing by the visitors, users, and friends.

Community solutions

Connections between users by requests to be friends, forums to discuss learning courses, built-in personal chats, group chats, courses chats, and a sophisticated notifications system with built-in email messaging.

Distance learning courses

Course designer to define course timeline, add PDFs and video lessons, define learning steps, viewer for PDF documents, and also stream video lessons with the possibility to make personal notes pinned to the video time position.

Coaching sessions

Coaching sessions calendars to schedule sessions and connect Coaches and Students, support to conduct coaching sessions using Zoom Meetings, and for one-on-one and group coaching sessions.


Configuring payment methods – users can pay for products by PayPal, and coachers’ work is paid using PayPal too.

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Technological Details

For the development of the frontend, we used React JS as it is modern and reliable for long-term support technology. The backend of the system was developed on Python, Django, and PostgreSQL. Flexible search is built on the Elasticsearch engine.


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