Insights Dashboard to Improve Returns Experience in Retail

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About the Client

The company offers intelligent returns experience for retailers all over the world through a simplified and reliable return process. Among their clients, there are such retail shops as ASOS, GymShark, Missguided and many more.

Business Challenge

The purpose of the project was to create a web solution that would allow users to visualize business KPIs of order returns in a fast, flexible and informative way. The solution will also provide a possibility to analyze customer satisfaction and improve retailers’ returns business processes.

Solution Overview

The client imposes limitations on how they can manage data because the company can’t legally and technically store user’s data.

Therefore it was crucial for their business to have an established process of data obtaining and internal storage, as well as easy-to-use interface and data analytics together with visualization dashboards.

The  solution developed by Quantum consisted of 2 related parts:

  1. The migration and transforming of initial clients data from the third-party DB and uploading data to an on-site data storage, that will prepare a basis for further solution development.
  2. Web user interface should connect to data storage and use the stored data to create visualizations of business metrics in dashboards.

Project Description

Since the client possesses terabytes of data, we should develop a persistent system that could easily extract this data and prepare it for further usage. With the help of data migration service that downloads data from the third-party DB (MySQL) and makes the required transformations, we have managed to upload the data to local data storage. In the local data storage, we’ve organised data in a way that suited clients business goals and provides fast and flexible access to web interface.

The web interface offers the following functionality:

  • Data filtering by date and time range, country, service, etc.
  • Data export
  • Different data visualization formats (bar charts, line plots, pie plots, and others)
  • Creation of custom metric calculations and visualizations
  • Fast on the fly calculations

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Technological Details

Clients requirements were to use the ElasticSearch as a data storage. Therefore the following stack of technologies was selected:

  1. ElasticSearch – in-site data storage with predefined settings. This was selected by the client since it offers speedy search and data aggregation, scaling functionality as well as role-based access control functionality
  2. LogStash and Kibana – pipeline construction service and a web UI respectively. Since ElasticSearch was selected as a main requirement of the project, it was decided to use all ELK stack (ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana), because of the following:
  • All 3 services are designed to support easy integration with each other
  • Developed by one company (
  • Meets the project requirements

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