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About the Client

Seraphic Group provides an innovative platform for business development and education that delivers transformative products, technologies, and philosophies which change the course of global health, energy, and ecology.


Business Challenge

Our client came to us with an idea to provide everyone with the opportunity to create projects, bringing their ideas to life. With this goal in mind, he wanted to create a platform where the owners of unique and specific equipment, services and expertise could communicate with startups, thereby engaging the necessary resources to implement innovative technological ideas.

Solution Overview

Quantum developed a secure online platform designed to empower a collaborative community, by implementing the “Work, Life, Play” concept. It also supports developing regenerative solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The collaborative platform includes such major components as:

  • Project Space allows every aspect of your job, family, and life to be managed, developed, shared, and secured, in an online space that you control.
  • Resources are services, products, and information provided by citizens in the AtlusBlue community.
  • Forums and chats let the community provide their input on the information you share about what matters to you. This is how collaborations begin!
  • People space allows communication between individuals in an efficient and secure manner, letting people build their own communities for their work, life, and play.

Project Description

The web application contains plenty of features, which help platform users to communicate with each other: personal and project chats, project forums, social media-like connections, publishing documents and media files. ElasticSearch integrated into the collaboration platform lets users search by all the site objects: projects, people, and resources.

The system has a comprehensive notifications system (internal and by email), which is the basis for the core collaboration platform workflows: connect between people, invite project managers and security managers into the project, ask people to join a project initiative, request necessary resources, notify about new posts and messages, etc.

In the platform, you own your data, and it’s secure. You can even assign a Security Manager to review content you put on AtlusBlue, which adds another layer of protection for your digital intellectual property.

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Technological Details

The complex and sophisticated features of the project required the involvement of specialists skilled in various technologies with diverse skill sets, and technology stacks.

For the development of the frontend, we used React JS as it is modern and reliable for long term support technology. Also, for the system frontend we employed Recompose, Moment.js, Redux, redux-saga and Lodash.
The Backend of the system was developed on Python, Django, and PostgreSQL.


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