Quick recap of OctopusCon: Python Edition 2019

    December 3, 2019

    November 16, 2019 — do you know what is this date about? For us, Quantum, it’s about OctopusCon: Python Edition — the first Python conference in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 2019. It belongs to a series of technical events for developers that bring together professionals from all over the world into one large IT family.

    In this article, we want to share our organizing experience and tell how the event was held.

    Our Goal

    Company — organizer Quantum understands that a working solution is more than just a technology. It is important to know how to reach the project goal using architecture approaches. That’s why we support and develop the Software community, where professionals from all over the world can share their experience in solution creation with Python stack.

    Quantum team

    12 International Speakers

    Conferences are generally about getting new knowledge and networking. Our participants got that first opportunity through the talks and workshops of our speakers. As for networking, they communicated with speakers, partners and each other on the sidelines.

    We had invited speakers from all over the world: Germany, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia. All of them were happy and glad for the opportunity to visit Ukraine, some speakers decided to spend more time in our country after the conference.

    We want to say thank you to every speaker, all the talks were unique, useful and got cool feedback. Let’s remember OctopusCon: Python Edition speakers board:

    • Tatiana Al-Chueyr, BBC — «Powering Machine Learning workflows with Apache Airflow and Python»
    • Emanuil Tolev, Elastic — «Hiring a Personal Investigator for your app»
    • Tin Marković, Kiwi.com — «Service integration with OpenAPI schema»
    • Aleksandr Dolgaryev, Quantum — «Showcasing how Big Data and Python enable Machine Learning in real-life solutions»
    • Sebastian Neubauer, Blue Yonder GmbH — «6 Years of Docker: The Good, the Bad and Python Packaging»
    • Oliver Bestwalter, Avira — «Abridged metaprogramming classics — this episode: pytest»
    • Anton Caceres, Tech-5 — «Running WebSockets easy with Python»
    • Michael Yushchuk, Quantum — «Running Neural networks on mobile/browser using JavaScript»
    • Luba Elliott, AI Curator — «AI in Contemporary Art»
    • Mustafa Anıl Tuncel, ETH Zurich — «Bioinformatics pipeline for revealing tumour heterogeneity»
    • Irek Żuchowski, Atarnia.com — «From Python script to Open Source Project»
    • Kostiantyn Isaienkov, Quantum — «Satellite image processing for computer vision tasks»

    Conference partners

    One more important component of the successful event — people who give their support, they’re called partners or sponsors. We are thankful to ours, as they helped us a lot with organizing:

    Gold: Raccoon Gang, DataArt, AnvilEight, Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

    Silver: SoftServe, FlexMade, Innovations Development Lab, Akvelon.

    Bronze: CreatorIQ, Aura.

    Afterparty and dinner with speakers

    OctopusCon: Python Edition lasted 8,5 hours: talks, workshops, breaks, prize raffles. And there was decided to organize afterparty and dinner with speakers after the official part.

    Finally, participants, speakers, organizers, and partners came together to discuss the event, get to know each other better, share feedback and drink champagne with appetizers.

    When the afterparty came to the end, the dinner with speakers started. We celebrated our successfully held conference in one of the best restaurants in Kharkiv. That idea of the dinner came up a month before the conference and we raffled 2 tickets among the participants.

    OctopusCon: Python Edition in numbers

    250 participants

    12 international speakers

    5 organizers

    20 volunteers from Quantum team

    10 partners

    30 contractors

    3.5 months of preparation

    15 km walked every organizer during the event

    P.S.: Thanks to everyone who took part in the organization of OctopusCon: Python Edition 2019, you’re the best!

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