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Software Development / Data Science

Intern Data Science


About the company

Quantum is a global technology partner delivering high-end software products that address real-world problems. 

We advance emerging technologies for outside-the-box solutions. We focus on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, GIS, MLOps, Blockchain, and more.

Here at Quantum, we are dedicated to creating state-of-art solutions that effectively address the pressing issues faced by businesses and the world. To date, our team of exceptional people has already helped many organizations globally attain technological leadership.

We constantly discover new ways to solve never-ending business challenges by adopting new technologies, even when there isn’t yet a best practice. If you share our passion for problem-solving and making an impact, join us and enjoy getting to know our wealth of experience!

About the position

During the internship, you will work in the Remote Sensing field and write a scientific paper about research results.

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Must have skills:

  • Knowledge and experience with algorithms and data structures
  • Strong knowledge of linear algebra, calculus, statistics and probability theory
  • Experience with Machine Learning libraries (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, ScikitLearn, etc.)
  • Experience with at least one of Deep Learning frameworks (Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, etc.)
  • Understanding of OOP
  • At least an Upper-Intermediate level of English (spoken and written)
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Nice to have skills:

  • Docker practical experience
  • Experience in Computer Vision (segmentation, object detection, recognition, tracking, etc.)
  • Knowledge of modern Neural Networks architectures (DNN, CNN, LSTM, etc.)
  • Participation in Kaggle competitions
  • Research experience in university
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We offer:

  • Exchange of experience and professional development
  • A strong team, a healthy atmosphere
  • Guidance by an experienced Mentor
  • Flexible working time
  • Remote work
  • 20 hours of work per week