Data Analytics

We help businesses and organizations leverage their data by delivering actionable insights through advanced data analytics


Our data analytics services combine both thoughtful advisory and technology to align business needs with proven and emerging services that drive targeted business outcomes. We help businesses convert their raw data into actionable insights through comprehensive data analytics services, empower data management, business intelligence, and advanced analytics, by delivering data-driven solutions in different areas. Quantum adds value to clients from a variety of niches through a custom-tailored approach to data and analytics services.


  • Scalable technical architecture
  • Data exploration
  • Sophisticated techniques to make predictions
  • Custom machine learning algorithms
  • Neural networks
  • AI automation of tasks that require human cognitive effort


  • Data capture and cleaning
  • Data modeling to meet analytical requirements
  • Development and administration of ETL
  • Maintain of large-scale data processing systems
  • Custom machine learning algorithms
  • Unstructured data processing


  • Specific methods and techniques
  • Data monitoring
  • Creation of presentations to stakeholders
  • Reports and dashboards building
  • Identify areas that need attention or improvement


  • Consolidation (ETL technology)
  • Propagation
  • Virtualization
  • Federation
  • Warehousing

Use Cases

  • Orthomosaic map

  • Image preprocessing

  • Orchards decomposition

  • Multispectral data

  • Growth analysis

  • Proprietary models for decision-making support

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  • Machine learning documents analysis

  • Creating synonym tables and available values

  • Elasticsearch custom aggregation and search filter scripts

  • Creating and configuring the ElasticSearch index

  • Creating a handler for converting client application search requests

  • Creating a REST API handler for search using the Django REST framework

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  • Used the CRISP-DM methodology

  • Completed the investigation phase, where the R&D team defined the data sources that are potentially valuable for model building

  • Defining the best price based on end-user information and a history of dealing with Google

  • Developed an ML model that simulates Google’s algorithm with high accuracy

  • Researched results with information about the factors influencing the price

  • Visualization via MatPlotLib and Seaborn

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  • Processed large amounts of data from the sensors

  • Processing of new data every 10 seconds

  • Development of big data storage that collects all data from road sensors

  • The SLA terms were interpreted with numbers

  • Implementation of hierarchical data representation

  • Representation of details about selected week or day

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Our data and analytics professionals are force multipliers for businesses, possessing deep domain expertise across the full data stack to address real business challenges such as predicting outcomes and preventing failures in real-time. We use the best market practices and our experiences in providing services to businesses.


Increases the efficiency of business campaigns and business decisions


Automates of tasks that require human cognitive effort and provides clear business predictions


Helps to find insights in your data, is useful for customers segmentation and targeting


Secures increasing data workloads, while optimizing processing costs


We apply the latest tools and technologies to deliver data analytics solutions to fit your needs
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