Smart-Contract Audit

Request a security audit and benefit from our expertise

We help you with

Security check

We’ll check blocks for miner attacks on timestamps and the order of transactions to provide you with complete access control


We’ll help you identify inconsistencies between specification and implementation or detect defective design and logic

Expert advice

We will provide recommendations to enhance smart-contract security and readability


We will conduct dynamic or static testing of smart-contracts to verify their logical integrity or detect vulnerabilities

Why conduct an audit

Public availability

Due to the decentralization almost all cryptocurrencies are publicly available so that flaws can be easily detected and used for malicious purposes.


Smart-contract audit strengthens the credibility of the ICO and provides guarantees for investors, thus encouraging them to invest.


Auditing your code at the beginning of the development cycle helps avoid exploiting potential vulnerabilities after launch.

Need a professionalsmart-contract audit?

What you get

  • Consulting

    We will provide you with a free consultation on your particular issue upon your request

  • Diagnostic

    We’ll coordinate the plan of diagnostics and audit according to individual needs

  • Contract

    We will send you a contract for the service and the NDA

  • Fair price

    Depending on a chosen work format, we’ll provide you with the best price among competitors

  • Clear deadlines

    We will complete the work within 4-5 working days

  • Report

    We'll conduct a detailed report with recommendations for ensuring website security

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