Education is the route to innovation

We believe that seeking solutions to practical problems is the best way to cultivate a new generation of engineers. Our internship and postgraduate programs allow young students and scientists to be involved in full-cycle Data Science projects to address real-life problems and create solutions that matter, such as ClearCut, a platform tracking deforestation. We are partnering with leading universities worldwide to support their research programs. Quantum is the founder of Octopus AI events dedicated to enable both experts and students to grow their tech knowledge. We also are an active member of the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

We meet the best interests of customers

We are committed to researching and bringing ideas to life, no matter how ambitious they are. The extensive experience of our engineers lets us implement any tasks necessary to meet the most challenging customer requirements. The algorithms and novel models explored by our R&D department can be applied and scaled up in our clients’ projects efficiently and quickly. Our goal is to enhance the capabilities of our customers, and facilitate their growth and development.

Areas of research

AI Architecture

We are researching various architectures and platforms like TensorRT and CoreML, investigating opportunities and limitations for each of them. The main goal is to identify the best solution for each business case, securing scalability and performance while optimizing operational costs for AI solutions.

Edge AI

AI penetrates the edge market, fusing continuously increasing computer power. We anticipate that in a couple of years we will be working on evaluation of advanced models on the most modern edge computing devices like NVIDIA Jetson and Intel Movidius in order to minimize the model and maximize its performance.

AI Engineering processes

AI engineering incorporates elements of DataOps, ModelOps, and DevOps and makes AI part of the mainstream DevOps process. We develop AI engineering processes based on modern tools, to support clients with an AI solution lifecycle.

Aerial imagery processing

Elon Musk refuels the space industry, opening opportunities for remote sensing. Partnering with the European Space Agency and Planet.com, we investigate new methods of automated satellite image processing for agritech, ecology, and other fields.


Quantum provides young and seasoned tech enthusiasts with everything they need to build a rewarding career. Have you been eager to work with cutting-edge technologies, deliver exciting projects that actually matter, or gain real-life experience in a comfy workspace and an inspiring environment? Well, now you can, with Quantum.

Baccalaureat and Magister programs

Quantum is an active member of the Ukrainian IT community. We ensure educational programs are up to date, keeping current with all industry requirements. Our engineers and managers provide lectures and masterclasses enabling students to incorporate practical tasks and methods into the educational process.

Hackathons and Bootcamps

Together with the IT Cluster and universities, Quantum organizes technological events for students and young professionals. There are two goals: to draw attention to actual ecological, urban, and social problems, and to familiarize attendees with modern technologies.


Kharkiv universities

  • NURE

  • HNEU

  • V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

  • NTU “KhPI”

  • National Aerospace University H.E. Zhukovsky "KAI"

International organizations

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