We build custom software solutions to empower sustainable agriculture and land use of tomorrow

We have experience in

For many years, we have been helping farming and technology companies create custom agriculture solutions. With their help, agronomists and professionals receive timely insights about the state of fields, are able to build analytics, and make better-informed decisions. Our AgriTech software solutions have already helped multiple companies optimize existing business processes and increase profits

  • Precision Farming
  • Livestock Management
  • Farm Management Software
  • Land Use Management

Our focus

We aim to help AgriTech businesses deliver customized solutions to support sustainable agriculture in order to optimize efficiency and production, maximizing yield whilst also ensuring the long term health and viability of the land. 

Our R&D department addresses the most pressing challenges in the agriculture industry and explores state-of-the-art technologies within AgriTech software development.

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Quantum provides agricultural software development services to large businesses and startups all over the world to develop innovative AgriTech solutions that allow farmers to manage their operations better. We help our clients create and integrate agricultural software into their business processes, which allows users to make informed decisions, remotely monitor agricultural fields, and quickly respond to anomalies.


  • Integrating precision agriculture software solutions into the existing business processes to facilitate proactive data-driven decisions

  • Monitoring and evaluating yield health using historical data of field usage, as well as soil condition, and pattern recognition technologies

  • Software integration for remote monitoring of agricultural industry objects using satellite and aerial imagery, geotagging, and other data


  • Analyzing livestock behavior to identify patterns for health monitoring, weight calculation and remote tracking of animal handling with agritech software

  • Utilizing GIS technologies and ID tags to monitor livestock routes and movements, and identify each animal in the herd

  • Integration with databases, as well as blockchain, for keeping records about livestock health status and the supply chain

  • Weather tracking and disaster alert systems for remote surveillance


  • Optimizing and planning of agricultural campaigns based on historical data

  • Assessing crop health, detecting anomalies and assisting in decision making thanks to AgriTech software

  • Forecasting and measuring crop revenue profit by analyzing soil and yield data

  • Integrating AgriTech software to aid financial management


  • Analyzing land use and overseeing crop rotations to keep nutrients and weeds under control

  • Monitoring and controlling biodiversity via historical data analysis

  • Sustainable management of agricultural land and forests for years to come in changing climatic conditions

Tech Expertise

Quantum has extensive expertise in agriculture software development. Dozens of our clients from the AgriTech industry have already extended their businesses and applications with data-driven solutions. We combine our profound experience in data science and domain understanding to create the most advanced custom software for the AgriTech industry.


Experienced in collecting and processing satellite data (Sentinel-2, Landsat, Planet, DigitalGlobe), aerial imagery data, as well as hybrid data to create ML models to identify patterns and anomalies and enable smarter decision-making within land handling.


Our vast expertise in collecting and analyzing data allows us to build data-driven AgriTech solutions that support day-to-day business decisions and provide insights and perspectives on the matter.


Collecting and analyzing real-time data from IoT devices, such as cameras, weather stations, underground and overground soil sensors - resolving connectivity problems. Using edge and cloud data processing to recognize patterns, make predictions, and identify anomalies.


We adopt drone control systems for automatic imagery collection operations taking into account local legislation and limitations.

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Let’s discuss how Quantum can help your company develop custom agriculture software.