About SIP

Satellite Imagery Processing (SIP) Platform provides ready-to-use components to process satellite imagery with AI-powered methods to speed up geo-analytics solutions development. The platform allows you to cut development time and save up to 60% of your budget for the solution development.


SIP is a software and hardware solution, designated for:



to process satellite imagery data using pre-trained (existing) AI and CV models within user-defined Area-of-Interest (AoI)

Data science engineers

Data science engineers

to develop, train and run AI and CV models for end-users

System administrators

System administrators

to manage the platform user accounts and control user payments

SIP platform unites the needs and requirements of almost all the participants of the AI or CV based application lifecycle: from the developers to the end-users, from development to operations.

Key Features


Time and cost-efficient way for geo-analytics solution development

Remote sensing data collection

The platform can collect data from various satellites with options suitable for modeling

Ready-to-use components

A set of predefined components to be used in different variation to speed up the development

Ready for ML

Easily integrate and run custom ML models within a couple of hours

Basic Features

SIP platform

Custom development

Work with Sentinel-2

Libraries provided

Requires development

Viewer for results calculated

Out of the box

Requires development

Can store multiple historical results of outputs of multiple models


Requires development

Results are available in a standard form via API


Requires development

Mapbox integration


Requires development

From a new model development to results in a production

1-2 hours

1-2 months



The SIP platform can help with developing solutions within the following industries:

  • crop monitoring
  • plot boundary detection
  • crop type detection
  • weeds clusters detection
Urban planning and construction
  • providing a base map for graphical reference and assistance
  • support for planners and engineers
  • large project progress monitoring
  • forest ecosystem classification
  • clearcut detection
  • extracting mineral deposits with remote sensing-based spectral analysis
Emergency management
  • disaster mitigation planning and recovery
  • disasters consequences assessment
Transport and Logistics
  • public transport network infrastructure
  • ships and ports management
  • traffic and accident management

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