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About the Client

The customer owns a cloud services platform that provides easy access to software products and lets users enjoy high processing power even on low-performance PCs as well as tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Business Challenge

The client has a high capacity data center. He wanted to sell not just the hardware but also the time when people use it for streaming.

The client’s customers had trouble interacting with media content from remote virtual machines.

Most services like this have a long playback delay and poor image and sound quality. On top of that, our client wanted to make the cloud solution more efficient and use less capacity for streaming.

Solution Overview

The solution Quantum developed helped our client beat competitors in the image and sound quality and, most importantly, video transmission speed.

Our team found a way to manage the streaming from remote devices.

Also, thanks to our efforts and modern data centers, even in the event of a breakdown, users will not notice it on their devices.

Quantum implemented quick encoding and decoding of the video flow.

We’ve reached a 100 ms delay between pressing a button and the server reacting to it.

Project Description

Our team designed the technical part of the streaming platform that allows users to play games on remote virtual machines.

The idea was to start with the web application, but because browsers have strict traffic limitations, we went with a desktop application instead.

Web solutions have a restriction in HD quality, while desktop solutions do not.

All streaming services have a challenge with packet loss error correction.

Our team solved it with the Reed Solomon algorithm.

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Technological Details

We developed native apps for macOS and Windows using C++ and Qt. The primary language we used for the web part was Python.

The FFmpeg framework was modified for encoding and decoding video, and we used the SDL 2.0 cross-platform framework for virtualization and mouse move analysis.

SDL 2.0
SDL 2.0

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