Full time

Software Development / Backend

Python Developer

Kyiv, Ukraine

About the project:

The position opened to a client-partner company that specializes in advanced navigational systems for UAV operations. They focus on developing robust solutions that enhance autonomy and reliability, facilitating operations in environments where traditional GPS may fail.

The client is developing a satellite image processing algorithm for reliable operation in GPS-unstable environments and a navigational algorithm for autonomous return and holding in GPS-denied areas. To establish the location, the first algorithm correlates real-time optical data from UAV-mounted cameras with pre-existing satellite imagery. The second algorithm captures frequent images to create a detailed visual path, enabling UAVs to retrace their flight or maintain precise positions autonomously.

Technologies are designed to be integrated across various platforms, delivering precision, resilience, and cost-effective enhancements to existing hardware.

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Must have skills:

  • Proficiency in programming languages commonly used for UAV navigation applications, such as Python (C++ or Golang is a plus)
  • Experience, at least 4 years, with Python development frameworks and libraries
  • Strong problem-solving skills to address technical challenges and troubleshoot issues that may arise during UAV navigation software development
  • Experience with profiling multiprocess and multithreaded applications
  • Knowledge of security approaches and skills to work with NDA projects
  • Understanding of geospatial data formats, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and the ability to process and analyze geospatial data for navigation and mapping purposes
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Nice to have skills:

  • Understand and implement navigation algorithms specific to UAVs, including but not limited to path planning and obstacle avoidance algorithms; GPS-based navigation and geospatial data processing; inertial navigation systems (IMU) integration
  • Familiarity with UAV flight control systems and protocols, such as PX4 and ArduPilot
  • Knowledge of remote sensing technologies and data transmission protocols for real-time monitoring and control of UAVs
  • The capability to interface with and integrate various sensors and peripherals on UAVs, including cameras, lidar, GPS receivers, and microcontrollers
  • Experience in simulating UAV environments and conducting thorough testing to ensure the reliability and safety of navigation systems(Airsim, Gazebo, UnrealEngine would be a plus)
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Your tasks will include:

  • Integrate algorithms and UAV
  • Taking part in test flights
  • Working on solution optimization and speed up
  • Adapting the solution to different boards
  • Pipeline creation and automation
  • Work on system security
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  • Developing cutting-edge software solutions to tackle genuine real-world challenges
  • Collaborating with experienced professionals who share a common goal
  • Working remotely with flexible working hours
  • Paid vacation and sick leave days